LifeBox™ is the result of PhD research into how we humans experience virtual worlds, based on evolutionary, cognitive and narrative psychology.


LifeBox makes it possible to populate huge game worlds with autonomous social characters, while unfolding stories wherever the player chooses to go and however he chooses to act. Rather than writing the story in advance, we utilise scenario-based storytelling, in which characters are cast in story roles. This allow them to respond to the player, and drive the story forward based on their personality, available resources and current circumstances.


Traditionally the creation of content in computer games has meant producing all content in advance, from the object models and sounds to the progression of the story and behaviour of the characters.


Recently procedural methods for generating graphical content has been introduced, letting the computer generate cities and landscapes as the game progresses, based on a simple set of rules.


LifeBox is a progression of this method, using it to develop the story as it unfolds. This allow us to fully utilise the potential of interactivity to bring the player to the centre of events, making him the true main character of the story.


By making the player truly free to influence the story in any way he wants, he also becomes truly responsible for the flow and outcome of the story. And here lies an untapped potential for emotional experiences of incredible intensity.